1.we two who and who? 咱俩谁跟谁阿
2.how are you ? how old are you? 怎么是你,怎么老是你?
3.you don’t bird me,I don’t bird you 你不鸟我,我也不鸟你
4.you have seed I will give you some color to see see,brothers ! together up !
5.hello everybody!if you have something to say,then say!if you have nothing to say,go home!!
6.you me you me 彼此彼此
7.You Give Me Stop!! 你给我站住!
8.know is know noknow is noknow 知之为知之, 不知为不知…
10.dragon born dragon,chicken born chicken,mouse’ son can make hole!!
11.American Chinese not enough美中不足
12.one car come one car go ,two car pengpeng,people die 车祸现场描述
13.heart flower angry open 心花怒放
14.go past no mistake past 走 过路过, 不要错过
15.小明:I am sorry!
老外:I am sorry too!
小明:I am sorry three!
老外:What are you sorry for?
小明:I am sorry five!
16.If you want money,I have no;if you want life,I have one!
17.I call Li old big. toyear 25.我叫李老大,今年25。
18.you have two down son。 你有两下子。
19.as far as you go to die 有多远,死多远!!!!
20.I give you face you don”t wanna face,you lose you face ,I turn my face


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